Figaro EN54-24 Evac

Figaro EN54-24 EVAC is an invisible 100V speaker certificated that can be placed into false ceilings or walls using the included plasterboard plate Fire / Hydro 50x50 cm. The innovative speaker Figaro EN54-24 EVAC uses magnetostrictive technology that transforms an electrical impulse into a mechanical force propagated on the whole surface on which Figaro is placed. The surface will react as an acoustic membrane.

This peculiarity allows an homogeneous distribution of the music in the environment with the advantage of having the device truly invisible because the speaker is physically above the ceiling and the plasterboard plate is completely integrated in the false ceiling.

Designed to spread alarm voice and play music thanks to its excellent intelligibility and uniform diffusion of sound in the places. Figaro EN54-24 EVAC has equipped with linear audio transformer for connection to 100V constant voltage line, with a power range of 30W-15W-5W-2W-1W .

It has the following features:

Weight: 5.85 kg including plaster board 50x50 cm thickness 1.2 cm

Dimensions: 50 x 50 x14.2 (h) cm

  • magnetostrictive invisible speaker for voice and music reproduction. The plasterwood sheet on which the speaker is installed has to be integrated in the ceiling / wall.
  • ABS body GWT 960 ° IP56 and plasterboard sheet with Fire Hydro 50x50x1.2h cm
  • suitable for indoors (with IP 56 protection anyway)
  • transformer for connection to 100 V constant voltage lines
  • internal setting of 5 levels power 30W -15W - 5W - 2W - 1W
  • terminal block for connecting in ceramic material
  • internal thermal fuse included
  • plasterboard panel: paintable in any color

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