Esarc Hi-Tech has an ambitious and well-defined mission, which can be easily summarized as follows:

  • Develop and produce innovative audio speakers, combining the magneto-dynamic and the magneto-strictive technology in a single built in product, without altering the design of the rooms and ensuring an high quality sound diffusion
  • Develop technology, open new markets and new applications or different ways to employ these products
  • Innovate and evolve the audio industry and the speakers market, that still works with more than 100 years old mechanics without having radical innovations



ESARC, from 2009 till 2013 has invested in R&D, industrialization and production of a new generation of speakers based on magnetostrictive technology.
This has been done also thanks to the partners financial support.

R&D development has been made in cooperation with Milan University and its specialized departments of researches.

ESARC has generated 6 patents and has many more ready to be registered at the right moment.