Esarc Hi-Tech Srl, a 30 years old company with a share capital of 119.000 Euros, from 2002 is working on the development of innovative audio systems and invisible loudspeakers using magnetostrictive technology.

In the shareholding structure there are entrepreneurs with decades years of experience and proven success in primary hi-tech companies.

Esarc is also involved in the active control of vibration and sound noise, in fact we are participating at the BESST, an international project funded by the European Union.
Since 2010 Esarc has developed it’s own products Figaro™ and Ottone™, which has rights and patents.

Figaro™ and Ottone™ are 100% Made in Italy: the production line work and the assembly are located in Italy. 
This focus on quality trust and italian style is one of the hallmarks of Esarc Hi-Tech, as well as among the most popular, comparing to competitors on the market.

Nowadays there are several installations of Figaro™ and Ottone™ in Europe and worldwide, and the reliability of the products is guaranteed. Esarc Hi-Tech has several international high-profile references.